With the rise of of foreign property investment into the UK market the need for property consultants that prioritise the interests of the investor and offer informed, objective advice on every aspect of your property purchase has come to the fore. International property acquisitions, especially in the UK market, are on the rise and it is essential investors partner with a consultancy boasting a proven track record in this segment of the market.

Within London, rare or unique properties are sold well before they are even advertised on the open market and without the right assistance clients can face an almost impossible task of knowing where to start their search, which areas to focus on, or which properties will suit their requirements.

At Sigma Property Hunt, a company with over 80 years combined experience, our focus is the investor. To ensure client needs are met we have a large network of contacts that secure the best possible property at the best possible price.

The UK property market has recovered well after the global recession and property investment opportunities offering high return on investment options are available across London. Especially because the demand for property is so high, Sigma’s expertise that take time and effort to execute, present investors with a plethora of properties.

The South African economy remains TAX focused, with the recent hike in VAT, from 14% to 15% (the first increase since 1993), and rising food costs, interest rates and fuel costs, looking abroad to secure investments certainly is a far more cost effective and secure avenue for South African investors.

This applies to commercial property too. Working on your behalf our team will identify the correct property, secure it and manage all aspects of the acquisition process, delivering the asset to you in the most efficient way. This process is repeated at the point a decision is made to sell the asset.

Statement by
Bram Davies Managing Partner
Sigma Property Hunt
London, United Kingdom