The evolution of property marketing has occurred rapidly over the past few years. The demand by investors to have greater access to information at the click of a button has catapulted the industry into the advancement of client orientated technology development.

Even more so foreign property buyers need to assess investment opportunity with greater ease. The analytical data now available to the foreign investor to accurately draw comparative information is available and readily so.

It is imperative that property consultants assisting foreign buyers with local property continue to invest time and money into the latest tech so that client assistance remains a priority.

We’ve seen how social media and other digital communication tools have played a major part in a client’s ability to enquire and engage with agents from anywhere in the world.

Similarly the ability to present investors with visual data that accurately showcases the home ensures buyers have more peace of mind when purchasing a home they’ve never seen.

Property portals have also come to the party in a big way by adding the video, drone footage and augmented and virtual reality functionalities to their services in a drive to offer clients varied insight and choices.

At Sigma we’re actively developing and investing in the latest technological property advancements to offer clients sustainable and in depth services that meet their needs.


Statement by
Bram Davies
Managing Director
Sigma Property Hunt